Club Babylon




The used bookstore in the main branch of the local public library! i was so excited to learn this existed because the next closest ones are over an hour away. I need to make sure I have time to actually go in on my next visit!

and you can’t see it from this angle, but the the checkout/desk is made out of stacked books! 

When I discovered the used bookstore section of my local library I think I actually freaked out. I mean who wouldn’t when it comes to $1 hardbacks and $0.50 paperbacks!


My dog won by a large amount of votes as ‘cutest pet’ for the local newspaper. But because he’s a pitbull he was not given the prize or recognition. So disappointed with the ignorance of this town. At least I know Valentino is the cutest pet in this town.



sometimes i think that i am not so stereotypical of an american

and then i remember that i consider the coke freestyle machine one of the greatest modern inventions

i mean look at this thing


it’s beautiful

over 100 choices, computerized mixing, one spout, touch screen, ice dispenser


like wow

have u ever seen anything so wondrous and beautiful??